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Lifestyle5 things you should never tell a pregnant woman


5 things you should never tell a pregnant woman

Communities are uniting to highlight the importance of treating pregnant women with respect during this critical stage of life, in an effort to foster empathy and compassion for them.

The initiative stems from the recognition that pregnant women often face insensitive comments and actions that can be hurtful. From unwanted belly touches to unsolicited advice, these behaviors can contribute to unnecessary stress and discomfort for expectant mothers.

One of the key messages being emphasised is the importance of consent when it comes to touching a pregnant woman’s belly.

Many cultures consider it taboo or intrusive to touch a pregnant woman’s stomach without permission, highlighting the need for awareness and respect for personal boundaries.

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Moreover, the campaign is addressing the harmful practice of commenting on a pregnant woman’s appearance, particularly regarding weight or the absence of a “pregnancy glow.”

Such remarks can be demoralising and add to the physical and emotional challenges that many women experience during pregnancy.

Additionally, the campaign advocates for refraining from sharing negative birth or parenting experiences with expectant mothers.

Instead, the focus is on providing support, encouragement, and reassurance to help alleviate any anxieties they may have about childbirth and motherhood.

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Furthermore, the community is raising awareness about the stigma and superstitions associated with asking about due dates. Many cultures view such inquiries as intrusive or even ominous, emphasising the need for sensitivity and mindfulness in conversations with pregnant women.
Overall, the goal of this initiative is to foster a culture of empathy, courtesy, and consideration towards pregnant women, recognizing the unique challenges they face and the importance of providing a supportive and respectful environment during this significant period of their lives.

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