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World$11 billion to be spent by Canada on training military planes


$11 billion to be spent by Canada on training military planes


Canada is going to spend $112 billion to make the military training better. They will buy 70 new training planes for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program.

Defense Minister Bill Blair said the words at a big meeting for defense companies in Ottawa. The Department of National Defence said that the training aircraft will be separated into different groups, including two-seat turboprop training and aerobatic low-wing planes, helicopters, and Dash-8s.

Blair said we want to give our military the best equipment and skills. He said this in a speech at the CANSEC breakfast.

The agreement has training in the classroom, in a simulator, and in an actual plane. It also has extra help for people who want to be RCAF Pilots or Air Combat Systems Officers.

This means that Canada is planning to spend 176 percent of its national income on defense by 2029-30, using money that has already been set aside by the government.

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