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Lifestyle10 keys to always make your man happy


10 keys to always make your man happy

Understanding how to make a man happy is not as complex as it might seem.

Men, like anyone else, have specific needs and desires in a relationship, and meeting these can bring genuine happiness.

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Yet, going the extra mile to enhance their joy can add a special spark to both your man’s life and the relationship.

Ten ways how to make a man happy

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Some experts tell us that for love to flow freely between partners, there has to be an element of polarity. Polarity is the energy that creates attraction, chemistry, and, consequently, a relationship of openness and willingness to display vulnerability. And there are four things that a partner can do to get their man to become more “vulnerable” and open up more to her, allowing his love to flow freely. Four words: T (trust), A (admiration), A (appreciation), A (affection – physical).


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Trust is about communicating with the partner that they are accepted for who they are. Making your partner feel that they are doing their best. Trusting your partner is the first answer to the question, “How to make a man happy?”

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What makes a man happy in a relationship? Admiration.

Admiration is about thinking that he is awesome and great for you and letting him constantly know in various ways. Admiration can go a long way regarding how to make a man happy.


Appreciation is about communicating how much you value his presence and contribution, however small because it makes them feel good about his contribution and, therefore, himself.

Appreciation for what they do and who they are is a very important way when it comes to how to make a man happy.

Physical affection

Physical affection is about men needing to experience affection from their partners, as an extension of the previous three points. When a partner displays affection to a man, it communicates to him that they value, appreciate, and like him. He’s essentially their knight in shining armor.

It ultimately comes down to the one thing women need to understand about men and what they value above all else – respect.


Figuring out how to keep your man happy starts with respect for him and yourself. This is a crucial point for everyone to understand. Respect is foundational to any healthy relationship.

But respect for another starts with respecting yourself. But here is where it gets interesting. 

In heterosexual relationships, men thrive on respect, and women thrive on love. And a man is more willing to love a woman who respects him, and a woman is more willing to respect a man who loves her. But, this becomes an unhealthy cycle.

If you want him to show you more love, then it’s time to show him more respect, even when it’s difficult (within reason, of course). Respecting them is one of the most important ways to keep your man happy.

To understand more about the importance of respect in relationships, watch this video.

Let go

Nothing sends a man running for the hills faster than trying to control him. When you allow him his space, then you are showing him respect. And that respect is what makes you attractive and appealing to him.

If you want to keep your husband or boyfriend happy, ensure that you learn to let go of things. This does not mean you do not voice your problems in the relationship, but forgiving and letting go are equally important.

Do not speak ill about him

How to make a man happy? Do not speak ill about him, especially behind his back.

Speaking badly about him and to him, that is emasculating or degrading, will only blow up in your face. Making him feel bad about his actions or ideas lets him know you don’t respect him. Consequently, it reduces his attraction to you. 

Never use sex as a weapon

Keeping a man happy is not too tough. There are just some things you shouldn’t do.

You should never tease your man and play with his sexual desires. Do not use your body or sex to manipulate the situation. You have incredible power over him using your looks because he is incredibly visual.

But, when you use yourself this way, he loses respect for you. He may not need to respect you to love you, but if he doesn’t respect you, he’ll most likely be looking for someone he can respect.

Be supportive

One of the key ways to ensure that your man is happy in the relationship is to support him through thick and thin. Men are natural providers, especially materially. If your husband or boyfriend is going through a rough patch in his career, job, or even with his family, just being there for him can make him happy.

Let him know that you are the anchor and rock in his life.

Tap into their love language

Loving people is not too tough. You need to know what they need and how to be loved. 

If you can tap into your partner’s Love Language ®, it might make them happy. If their love language is physical touch, hug and kiss them often. Similarly, if their love language is words of affirmation, you should tell them good things now and then.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about making a man happy.

How can I always make my man feel happy? 

Making someone happy may always be an over-ambitious project. While you can ensure they stay happy for the most part and you do not do anything that upsets them, feeling happy all the time is not humanly possible. We, as humans, go through various emotions, and happiness is just one of them.

However, following the tips mentioned above can ensure that your partner is happy in the relationship for the most part.

What makes a man feel most loved?

This may be subjective. What makes one person feel the most loved may not be something another person values too much. It is important to understand what your partner believes makes them feel loved.

However, basics like feeling respected, appreciated, and valued make almost everyone feel loved.

What are a man’s needs in a relationship?

A man or woman may have similar needs in a relationship. Everyone needs basic communication, trust, respect, and appreciation in a relationship.

However, men, specifically, like to be needed or wanted. They are natural providers and caretakers, and feeling like you need them to accomplish something – even if it is something as basic as getting stuff from the top shelf, can make them feel very loved and valued.

The takeaway

Happiness does not come from one part of life. Your relationship can only be one part of your life that brings you happiness. To be truly happy, one needs to make peace with themselves and be content with all parts of their life.

That being said, as a partner, you can make things easier by bringing them happiness. Truly loving your partner and being there for them can make them happy and help them get over most things that can worry them.

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